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Access Dinghies
Access to Sailing
Welcome to Access to Sailing
Blind Sailing International
Sailing for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta
Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta
Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia
The Disabled Sailing Association, DSA is an independent, charitable society dedicated to enriching the lives of people with significant disabilities through leisure and competitive sailing.
DR Yachting Ltd.
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2006 IFDS World Sailing Championships
2006 IFDS World Sailing Championships - Home
Inventure - the next challenge, Trevor Jones aims to be the first wheelchair user to sail around the world in a wing powered yacht.
Irish Disabled Sailing Association
Longford Offshore Sailing Associates
LOSA,longford offshore sailing associates exists to promote sea sailing for people with disabilities in an integrated crew of ablebodied and disabled sailors
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